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Cantame una canción dulce

para recordarla en la noche

We're only several miles from the sun

"I won't say that I want to get to know your heart."

About this...

Couple basic facts to know about me, if you're so inclined: I'm Venezuelan, but currently living in the US, Georgia specifically. I love languages-- I speak English, Spanish, decent French, and am learning Italian and Japanese. I'm going into college, Emory University. I love children and want to be married and have kids more than anything. But, I want to have a job also, so I'm shooting to be a geneticist of some sort, probably agricultural, and we'll see how that goes. I love art as well, though I don't do it often, (time contraints). I play the piano and violin, so the musician in me loves that kind of dorky talk. Um, in second thought, any dorky talk, whether it be about cultures, history, quirky facts, science, etc. I have no athletic ability save stamina. Yay running. I have a fairly large stash of fanfics built up with lots of different fandoms if you want to peruse.


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Natsuo is love

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profile layout & images from hopelessosaka @ kohisurusuru

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